Welcome to Six String Studios!

Formerly known as the Niflheim Studios...

It is with great pride that I present to you this new name!
Lots of consideration have gone into this but after almost half a year of pondering, the name Six String Studios was chosen.

First of all because the name Niflheim really didn't say too much about what the studio was capable of and secondly I really wanted to get the message across that all genres were welcome and that my field of expertise more specifically lies within the 6-stringed instruments (not to mention the 4, 5 and 7's of course!)

Back in 2008 I moved the studio to new and better facilities and also upgraded a lot of the gear including brand new RME audio interfaces supporting recordings in 192kHz/24bit.

Furthermore the past years have been extremely busy and a lot of interesting and upcoming bands have visited the studio.

Therefore I felt that it was time to take the studio to the next level to celebrate the success of the past years, not to mention the achievements of the many great bands I've had the chance to work with.


Søren Jensen, Six String Studios


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