about the studio

The Six String Studio is situated in Frederikssund, Denmark about 45 kilometres northwest from Copenhagen and originates from my teenage years when I first started recording my guitar riffs in my room back in the nineties where I was playing in different metal acts.

The big eye opener was when I realised that my computer could be used for more than just surfing porn and I quickly got my hands on some harddisc recording software and startet to multitrack.

As time went by, more gear was purchased and a few years later as I left my childhood home, the plans of moving the city were discarded over the benifit of moving into a small house and setting up my gear to live and record there. This was actually also the first time I had the chance to make room for my drumkit which up to that point, had always been standing elsewhere.
I started learning how to record drums, got the neccesary mics and was soon recording the full line-up of bass, drums, guitars and vocals.

As my experience grew, so did the studio and after doing a few demos for some of my old band mates they encouraged me to start taking in outside bands and start recording for real.

Now, more than ten years later I still enjoy spending time behind the mixing board and producing various artists.


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