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Updates in generel
080911 A bit of new gear acquired which is already being put through its paces. Also lots of new projects coming up in the near future.

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Sort Regn
040511 Sort Regn will enter the studio this weekend to record their new EP which will consist of four tracks of pure old-school black metal.


Illnath - Album
060411 The band was so happy with the production on their recent bonus track that they asked me to mix the entire album which was originally recorded at Borsing Studios. We re-did all the guitars and vocals and the end result sounds killer and is due to be released sometime this year.


Alabama Black Snakes - Mastering
170311 Alabama Black Snakes dropped in to lay the finishing touches on their debut album entitled 'Rhythm'n'Loose'.
The band can best be described as Creedence Clearwater Revival meets Thin Lizzy.


220111 The young metal heads from Tritonus entered the studio to record their first EP 'Strangled In God's Shadow' containing some very interesting tracks.



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