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Updates in generel
080911 A bit of new gear acquired which is already being put through its paces. Also lots of new projects coming up in the near future.
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Sort Regn
040511 Sort Regn will enter the studio this weekend to record their new EP which will consist of four tracks of pure old-school black metal.

Illnath - Album
060411 The band was so happy with the production on their recent bonus track that they asked me to mix the entire album which was originally recorded at Borsing Studios. We re-did all the guitars and vocals and the end result sounds killer and is due to be released sometime this year.

Alabama Black Snakes - Mastering
170311 Alabama Black Snakes dropped in to lay the finishing touches on their debut album entitled 'Rhythm'n'Loose'.
The band can best be described as Creedence Clearwater Revival meets Thin Lizzy.

220111 The young metal heads from Tritonus entered the studio to record their first EP 'Strangled In God's Shadow' containing some very interesting tracks.

Illnath - bonus track
011210 Illnath are currently working on their 3rd album and visited the studio to record a brand new track to be featured as a bonus track on the new album

Tube mic!
050910 Just got a hold of a Røde K2 tube microphone and after some serious testing I must say that it kicks ass on acoustic guitars, vocals and drums.

New gear acquired
010610 The studio has been upgraded with the Avalon U5 direct preamp as well as the Radial X-amp reamping box.
The guitar tracks have never sounded better - sweet!!

New sound samples and new player
130410 The sound samples section has been updated with a brand new player plus a few new samples from the most recent projects.
Among them the latest recordings by Crossfall and Six String Slaughter.
Check it out here

Six String Slaughter - new tracks
080310 Over the course of the summer Six String Slaughter have been recording a handfull of new tracks to follow up on last years release "The World Slaughter EP". The vocals are currently being tracked and mixing should commence within a week or so.

Ironfire - mix
260210 The guys from Iron Fire are currently working on songs for their forthcoming album on Napalm Records.
The record company wanted to hear some of the new material so Kirk stopped by the studio to have three songs from the pre-production mixed.
The new songs have a more modern vibe to them and sound absolutely killer!

Crossfall recording new material
121109 Crossfall are currently recording guitars for 6 new tracks.
This time around the style is more mature and powerfull while still maintaining their special sound.

New gear!
170809 The studio has just been updated with some nice new pre-amps as well as a nice pair of matched condenser mics which are just perfect for drum overheads and acoustic guitar miking. Besides spending the whole weekend testing out the new gear, the whole studio has also been rewired to provide an even better workflow during sessions.

Six String Slaughter
170109 Six String Slaughter are working on their first release in the form of the "The World Slaughter EP" and as I'm personally involved in this project, this has been a geat opportunity to really experiment with recording and production techniques in order to tailor some sort of signature sound for SSS.

New name and new design!
171008 In order to specify what the studio is all about and is capable of, the Niflheim name has been discontinued in favor of the more describing name
Six String Studios

The studio philosofy remains the same and so does the passion for creating and producing great music.

Sound samples updated
230608 New sound samples have been added to the sound samples section.
Among them the latest recordings by Vira, Scarred by Beauty and Crossfall.
Check it out here

On another note, Slaughtered Salvation finished recording their new EP yesterday. Mixing will commence this week.

Slaughtered Salvation
160608 This weekend Slaughtered Salvation began recording their first promo under their new name. The band was earlier known as Strictly Scandinavian and started out as a Scandinavian-metal cover band.
This time the band is back with a new name and their own original material.

Billy Boy in Poison
240408 The new studio is now done and is these days inhabited by the Copenhagen metal quintet "Billy Boy in Poison". The guys are here cutting the tracks for their new, yet untitled EP which is to be mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen later this Spring.

We're moving!
190208 The studio is currently beeing moved to the new location in Frederikssund. At the moment the new tracking room is being constructed and the control room is almost done.
I'm really looking forward to welcoming you to the new, bigger and over all imroved studio.
Check out som construction pics here

Chainfist strikes again
110108 Chainfist will soon again be pounding the walls of Niflheim in their second visit to the studio.
The mission objective is to record a bunch of additional songs which together with the songs from the last session should result in a full length which is to be mixed by Ziggy.

221107 Yet another metalact will be stopping by the studio.
Just like Scarred by Beauty, Vira also resides in Copenhagen and will begin recording in mid December.
The mix will be handled by Danish metalguru Jacob Hansen.

Scarred by Beauty
221107 Copenhagen metallers Scarred by Beauty are currently cutting the tracks for their new demo. The band are working on four songs which should be done around December 1st.

Six String Slaughter
141107 At the moment  the two founding members of Corpus Mortale, Søren Jensen and Nicholas Maschøln are in the studio writing material for their new project under the name of Six String Slaughter.

New design and updates
051107 Time for a change... 2011